Top 5 Most Important Aspects of Your Game

You’ve made the decision to get into game development and have assembled a group of formidable warriors to address all the major issues. Now you are ready to make the next great game in the industry… beating WoW and Guild Wars… Now you are ready to go. You have gathered all your brainstorming, compiled some great ideas for a storyline, and you are now ready to go. What are the most important elements of your game? Let me tell you my thoughts.

There are five important things to consider before you jump into developing a game. These are just a few of the many things that can help or hinder you on your journey. Your order may differ from mine but they are what I consider to be the most important. Each aspect will be revealed over the coming weeks, culminating in the entire article at the end. Today we will start at the top with number 5.

Number 5: Storyline

Your own custom-tailored storyline is the best source of inspiration when crafting your game’s activities, quests, and dungeons. Some might object to this assertion, saying that storyline can easily be overshadowed or unnecessary when graphics are so intense you feel your fingers tingle and combat is so intense you literally have to duck out from behind your monitor. These things can make a game great and provide a lot more excitement. They can’t compensate for a lackluster storyline. A strong storyline is something that players long for, whether they realize it or not. It makes the game more interesting and makes it feel like you can achieve your wildest dreams. The storyline can be concise and direct, but it should also be well-done so that it is the core of the game. (EVE Online: We fly through space and blow people out of the sky …) while simultaneously being rich with lore (the complexity of EVE’s lore and history is so overwhelming that it entangles even basic inventory items and ships) that it makes it compelling for players to create their own histories.

Storyline helps players engage with the work you have done. It also helps you, the developer. It will serve you well throughout the development process if you are smart and have a rich history. Visit:-

This will help you decide what features should be part of your game, what shouldn’t, and what fits. When referring to site analysis in architecture, a professor of architecture once stated that you could learn a lot about the building site just by visiting it and “imagining the invisible building that will be built.” This holds true for architecture and is particularly true when it comes to game development and setting up your storyline/game setting.

Although storyline is important, is it more important than a game environment so vibrant and rich that you are tempted to stay for ever? Maybe, as long as you don’t get bogged down with hundreds of thousands of quads and polygons in your 3D representation. Artwork is important in this world, why?

Number 4: Artwork

Many times I have heard that artwork/characters in your game are not important. While it won’t necessarily make or break your game, artwork and professional-looking/feeling models can certainly help. You can think of any movie where the sets were amazing and beautiful that you have seen recently. The Lord of the Rings movies are one example, although not necessarily the most recent. Rich and varied settings are present throughout the movie, which adds to the immersion factor. Are there any scenes that are less amazing? It’s unlikely, as there were many other amazing aspects to The Lord of the Rings. The awe-inspiring scenes made the movie even better and gave it that extra something to drool over. Yes. This same effect can also be seen in the gaming industry. EVE Online has amazing graphics, while Dark Ages doesn’t. Both of these games are addictive to me for different reasons. However, you can be sure that EVE Online’s stunning environment inspires its large player base.

Your artwork can also have a significant impact on the game’s mechanics. Developers often overlook a very important aspect of 3d models: poly count. This refers to the number of triangles or *shiver* quads your game has. Although many 3d models that you can find online are stunning, they are too detailed to be used in a real-time environment. This is because you want to appeal to as many different systems as possible. Console systems can assume that everyone is on the same playing field. This is not the case for those of us who develop games exclusively for the computer. It’s essential to find high-quality, low-poly game content. There’s plenty of it. Many online companies restrict avatars to 2500-5000 polys.

Your environment will run more smoothly on most computers if you have a lower poly count for your 3d models. It is important to understand how your engine handles polygons throughout the entire process. To find out the ideal poly range for scenery and characters, you need to be aware of this. Higher character polys are generally more acceptable than lower poly scenery (buildings and trees, etc.). A key feature of engines to be aware of is whether the engine supports Level of Detail. LOD is an engine feature that allows the engine to use low-poly versions of a model when the player is distant. The engine will swap the model in for higher quality versions as the player gets closer. LOD is supported by almost all engines, however Active Worlds does not support it.

We move on to Number 3: Music. Some might argue that music for online games should be classified under “Artwork”. However, depending on your perspective, music is just as important as 3D models or characters. So it deserves its own place.

Number 3: Music

Music is, in many ways, the heart and soul for any environment you create in 3D. It is the sound trick that events happen, players win battles to, go home to, etc. Music is essential to setting the mood for any environment. Without it, your game will feel empty and lacking. Music can be used to convey to the player the mood in a particular area. It enhances and highlights how you relate to the player. Are you aiming for them to feel happy, anxious, excited or fearful? You could argue that hearing is as important in creating memories and linking with other senses (seeing, smelling etc). You should make it a top goal to make your game memorable. This is how people will remember your game and tell others about it. Music and hearing are two of the subtler qualities that play a large part in the environment’s “feel”. Imagine what your favorite movie would sound without music and sound.

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