Top 2 Tech Marketer Challenges (and Solutions)

You’re a marketer in the tech sector and you’re aware of the tough problems you’ll face. Sure, all marketers have difficult problems, but the constantly evolving tech world introduces new complexity to the marketing mix. The tech industry is always evolving and expanding at a pace that it’s impossible to keep up with. Of course, no one, except for the tech marketer who is not only charged with keeping up, but also staying one step ahead of the market.

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LinkedIn released an article last week about the biggest challenges tech marketers face today. Two examples of the issues tech marketers are facing today. Here’s some actionable information to help you overcome these challenges.

Problem #1: How do you identify the person who is making the decision?

Marketers understand how vital it is to comprehend and identify the decision maker. Without this knowledge, it’s difficult to build an effective marketing plan to win them over.

Tech marketing is difficult since the decision-maker isn’t one person. It’s now a team that includes IT, Marketing and Finance as well as Sales.

This complexity makes it all the more vital to fully understand the needs as well as the motivations, issues and challenges of each group member and to appeal directly to them.

Recent LinkedIn research has revealed that nurturing prospects with relevant content is an important aspect of the selling process. Whyis that? Because members of these groups aren’t usually willing to speak to sales representatives until they have consumed at the very least five pieces “relevant and unbranded and non-sales-focused content”.

Additionally, LinkedIn’s post highlights the importance of producing content for every role on this cross-functional buying committee… at every stage in the buying process. Marketers are expected to reach out and engage with all tech decision makers since they are a collective and not an individual, as explained in the post. It is impossible to predict who will be the first to initiate contact, who will be the leader of the purchasing committee, or who will have the most influence over the rest the members.

It is crucial to devise a plan to engage, convert and reach each member of the purchasing committee at every step of the buying process. It sounds like lots of work,, but tech marketers have the opportunity to influence every member of the buying committee and begin to convert them through continuous education. What exactly is “always-on”? It’s content that provides useful, informative information at any stage of the buying process – anytime the buyer would like it. It’s worth it when you consider that 63% of consumers prefer companies that remain on the ball, according to Content Marketing Institute.

Challenge #2: Creating Engaging Content

The Content Marketing Institute reports that 93 percent of tech marketers utilize Content Marketing. They also stated that creating interesting content has been a huge issue over the past five years. This is a significant sign. While tech marketers see potential in content marketing but they have limited resources and time that prevent them from creating content that’s as effective as it really could be.

How do you stand out in the highly saturated tech market? According to LinkedIn’s blog post, make sure you have a trustworthy toolbox. It’s obvious that there exist numerous content marketing tools and resources in the market today that are free or affordable. Marketers have more options in the present than ever before. develop, design, write, build and build independently – without the need of any outside support. Think about what this marketing has accomplished for them!

If you’re a tech marketing professional know the pressure to be ahead of the incredibly fast-paced world of innovation. It’s our duty to not only contact and engage with some of the brightest of the most innovative minds in the business. It’s achievable with the proper tools and resources.

This article was written by Lindsay Tjepkema, founder and president of Blueprint Marketing. Lindsay works with businesses as well as marketing agencies to boost their bandwidth and produce marketing-related content. Her experience in marketing extends over a decade. She is skilled in the creation of content as well as digital marketing execution and inbound strategy.

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