The Future of Content Marketing

The whole thing started with Computers and then came the internet, which connected them. Personal computers further personalized and personalised the experience. They were later replaced by smart-phones and laptops.

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These devices have a small version of customized platforms and contents through the use of apps. Innovation in technology has played a major role in the evolution of technology. It lets users customize it further. A huge part and aspect of the possibility of personalization, which was not considered to date, is the’vernacular edge’. Simply stating, all the applications and websites can be recreated to accommodate different local dialects and languages spoken all over the world. They will appear more like the person reading them.

English is not just an everyday language, however it’s not the only one. It’s not widely used by the general public. It is one of the most common languages spoken in the wealthy and developed world. However, millions of people live in less developed and emerging regions of the globe. They don’t attend schools or have access to English-speaking schools. How about them? Should they be marginalized and left out in the new, social platform-savvy generation? Internet was created to serve everyone. It’s an electronic platform that is connected to all smart phones, everywhere and anytime. Why is it that content can only be written and read in English? Internet and its numerous applications and websites can be customized to present information in a variety of local languages and dialects. It shall enable the World Wide Web to close the gap on those who do not have English education.

Online companies must be content-oriented. Content is what creates or breaks an online company’s image. Content Marketing strategies thus, form a major aspect of their business growth plans. Additionally, they need to invest a significant amount in its development. Vernacular Content Development can be employed to assist this marketing strategy establish connections with clients and strike a chord. It’s very easy. Pages can be designed in local languages, and then uploaded to specific websites. For a particular area your site and application shall be bound to withdraw pages in a specific language and show them to the user. It’s no longer a difficult task thanks to the development of Artificial Intelligence and higher technology.

Companies on the World Wide Web, be it a website , a social platform page or application, are trying to appeal to an international audience. Are they allowed to be left out of half of the world’s population because of differences in language? There are numerous translation tools available online. But, they involve only word-to-word translation, losing out massively on the essence of the content. Furthermore, every language is comprised of local jokes, and other elements that look to be good in their true form and are not a substitute for. Vernacular content creation could assist a company to reap the benefits of many of these benefits, including greater readability, a higher turnaround time, customer loyalty and higher return on investment. Vernacular Content Marketing is thus, the coming future of the internet.

Brands Martini is aware of the benefits of content marketing using vernacular language. We’ve hired local experts with experience writers to produce content that is impactful written in local Indian dialects, which will have the prowess to reach the Indian Heart.

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