Prop 215 – The Importance of This Law

Proposal 215, also known as Compassionate Usage in 1996, is a California law that allows marijuana to be used medically. It does not legalize cannabis, but changes the way doctors and patients are treated in the California court system.
Currently, in addition to Washington, DC, 15 states have legalized the use of medical marijuana.

California was the first state to legalize medical cannabis in 1996. In 1998, three more states followed, eventually fifteen states using marijuana to treat a variety of illnesses. Of the 35 states where cannabis is illegal, nine of these states are also considering legalizing drugs. Proposal 215 is a law that has caused many changes and is still in effect today.
Three important facts about Proposal 215 Visit:-

1. Patients using medical marijuana may still be arrested. Marijuana is illegal under federal law. California and 14 other states have decided to pass their own legislation that violates this law.

Doctors recommend marijuana to patients, but they may not actually prescribe it. Pharmacies can’t even carry it. Medical marijuana is only available at specialized marijuana pharmacies.
If the patient is also involved in medical cannabis, he may be arrested and prosecuted. If this happens, the patient will be forced to go to court and defend the use of marijuana. Doctors who advise patients to use medical marijuana are also forced to testify.

Proposal 215 protects patients and doctors, but that does not mean that patients cannot be questioned or forced to protect themselves.
2. Proposal 215 did not make things easier for medical marijuana pharmacies. Most people think that medical marijuana pharmacies are possible because medical marijuana is legal. After all, these companies paid taxes like any other business. Unfortunately, it has never been so easy.
Until March 2009, the DEA attacked and sometimes prosecuted medical marijuana pharmacies. Running a pharmacy was a lucrative but dangerous business. Even doctors who recommended medical cannabis to patients could be prosecuted.

Fortunately, federal officials promised to thwart these attacks in early 2009. Marijuana pharmacies can now work with peace of mind and patients can get the medicine they need.
3. With props. 215 patients can also grow their own marijuana. Proposal 215 has changed the lives of many. Some people now buy marijuana at local pharmacies, join a group of marijuana, or simply grow it themselves. Patients who decide to grow on their own can grow up to 6 mature marijuana plants or 12 immature plants. However, under no circumstances may patients sell marijuana for commercial purposes. Growing marijuana is not always easy, but it gives patients another option to think about. Many believe that Proposal 215 will ultimately lead to the legalization of marijuana for all purposes. It urged 14 other states to introduce their own legislation, but has not yet affected the full legalization of cannabis. But many really believe it’s just a matter of time.

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