Keys to Securing Market Intelligence

It is important to have market knowledge and industry knowledge if you manage portfolios of investments.

Private placement firms, both large and small, offer many areas of expertise including in-house knowledge or the use of industry advisors to gain insights and knowledge which is not usually available through research. Many national expertise firms exist to serve as platforms for fund managers and analysts to access this knowledge base and gather the information necessary to fill in the gaps and improve their understanding of the businesses and industries that they hold or want to enter.

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Many investment firms also keep an inventory of experts in the industry they can contact whenever needed. This is a valuable and lucrative method. Many firms are experts in particular fields or geographical areas and are able to provide timely and pertinent information to customers for simple telephone consultations. Information about the firm is usually kept in-house to provide information on the primary markets and industries that are relevant to their clients and the investment profile.

While there are reams of information available online, much of it will require extensive research and scrutiny to be considered useful. The sourcing of much of this data comes from companies that have not actively been involved in the market and is oftentimes derived from the study of financial statements as well as resources that are available on the internet. Certain companies also conduct surveys of their industry and generate reports accessible to purchase.

Another aspect of online research is the time. The timing is vital. The sooner you have the confidence to make informed decisions, the better your chances of being successful.

It is best to consult with people who are experts in the industry before making investments. The data can usually provide insight into competitive pressure, leadership in the company, pricing, market share strategic advantages, brand developing new products and expansion estimates, as well as industry and company exposures and, of course, provide confidence and verification of forecasts and estimates for the future made by the company.

In today’s economy knowledge is the king. The information you need to make the best decisions that are possible is available to support your company as well as your customers.

Concrete Results offers support and advice for fund managers, private placement, equity, investors and equity traders. This covers markets such as concrete, cement, aggregates , and infrastructure. Our vast knowledge base and experience in the industry has proved invaluable to a variety of clients managing global investments within these markets.

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