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Contact us now for more information if you’re considering the possibility of a quick house sale. What if you could get rid of your home in just four weeks? There’s no need for an estate agent, you wouldn’t need to be concerned about the sale failing and you’d avoid having to show complete strangers around your home. Visit:-

Given these advantages, it’s amazing that more homeowners don’t decide to sell a house fast for cash throughout the UK.

Here at St Genix Fast House Buyers we’re receiving more and more enquiries about our quick property sale service. There are a variety of reasons our clients want a fast house sale. Sometimes , it’s the stress of waiting for an offer following the placing of their home up for sale. Some people require cash loans quickly. 

What is a quick house sale?

A fast property sale allows you sell your property when it’s most convenient to you. You’ll be in charge of the challenges you’re facing, for example:

Emigration or relocation


Separation and divorce



These are just a few of the wonderful reasons why people inquire about a quick house sale. With an open market sale you can’t be sure. If you do receive the offer you’re at the mercy of the schedule set by lenders and solicitors. You don’t know when the sale will complete and when you’ll get the cash.

Can a quick house sale help me?

If St Genix Fast House Buyers manages a sale rapid house sale process proceeds just like clockwork. It’s simple and takes only a few steps. We want you to be happy by the fast sale process, so ask us for our advice and let us assist you with your questions. If you contact us we will ask for some information that will assist us to set an initial cash value for your home. In the next step, we’ll make arrangements to visit you at your home. That means we can explain the process , and you can meet us.

We are extremely proud of our professionalism and discretion. We will even go the distance in the event that you would prefer to keep the details of the sale secret. But, we will ensure that to complete the sale in a short time. The sale will usually complete in a month or less, however you can modify the date according to your requirements.

I’m in need of a roof over my head

If you sell your property to us, you earn an extra bonus. Contrary to an open-market sale, where you are required to get out of the building on completion day when you sell with us, you can stay in your home. Just ask about rent back and you can remain in your residence, paying rent according to market conditions. The cost of living will decrease also.

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