Five Reasons Why You Need a WordPress Blog

In December I wanted to try something new and fresh on my website. Also, I was tired of the standard site with a unified look and didn’t feel that I was benefiting from it. So I wanted to research and try out the blogging platform, and after doing more research, I chose WordPress.
Before I became a blogger, I had about 900 unique visitors each month.
In January, a month after the conversion, there were 1,300 unique visitors. -In February, it grew to 2,500 unique visitors.

In March, it increased to 4,000 unique visitors during the month.
This is four times the traffic I started!

Let’s take a look at the 5 most important reasons why you need a WordPress blog.

1. Blogs are easy to use and very easy to use.

The advantage of using blogging software instead of a website is that it is very easy to use. The blog uses a GUI or graphical user interface. That is, everything you need is displayed in simple, easy-to-understand graphics. Blog software also meets the standards of most other software programs. For example, the graphic icons displayed in Microsoft Office programs are very similar to the graphics displayed in blogs.
The reason it is so important is that you can update your own website and you don’t have to pay high prices for web design fees. No need to waste time on HTML code. You can avoid having a boring and dull website that only people visit from time to time, and you can update it yourself and give people a reason to come back again and again I can do it.
Another advantage of this is that you can do it if you want to change something quickly. No more waiting for web designers or virtual assistants. Simply reload the page that appears on your dashboard and need to be changed, and click Save and Finish.

Regular posts are also easy. With just a few clicks on the content of your post and a few keystrokes, you can quickly find new content on your blog. If you find it particularly creative, you can create a series of posts, save them, and publish them later. I myself create 8 or 9 blog posts at a time, save them and post them every 1 or 2 days. It is also convenient when going on vacation. In February my husband and I went on vacation to the Dominican Republic, and before I left, I wrote a blog post to cover the last week and posted it in advance. The blog post will be displayed on the blog on the specified date!

2.2. Blogs are easy to navigate

All blogs follow a fairly standard format and navigation style. Each template may look different, but they all contain the same standard elements. Visiting the blog always tells you where to look for recent posts. We also know that most blogs can find a place to subscribe to their blog feed. A feed is just a distribution of blog posts. Syndicated text is sent to blog readers, visitor readers, search engines, and so on. This is part of why blogging is so powerful in attracting people to your site.
Have you ever visited a website where each menu is different and each sidebar contains different text depending on where you are on the website? These types of sites are confusing and do not direct visitors to your site. With blogging software, it remains standard and is constantly updated. Changing one sidebar automatically updates it in all other sidebars, eliminating confusion for site visitors.

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A great book I would recommend is Steve Krugs’s “Don’t Let Me Think”. You want to read this book even if you don’t design a website. Many of the reasons I love blogging can be found in the usability section. It refers to making a website more functional by following that principle, but the good thing is that blogs already meet many of those criteria.
3.3. People can subscribe to your blog and keep it up to date

First, I would like to explain what RSS is. RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication. It’s a set of web feed formats used to publish regularly updated digital content such as blogs, news feeds, and podcasts. Blog lovers do a few things with RSS feeds.

-They can subscribe to receive a daily summary of new content. Think about how powerful it is to stay in touch with your target market. When someone receives a constantly updated message from you, you always have how much knowledge you have about what you are doing, the new products and services you introduce, and the topics you choose. See if.
-You can also add you to your feed reader. I have a program called FeedDemon that I use. This software program follows all blogs of interest by recording and updating feeds from blogs. You can open this software program every day to get a quick overview of all the blogs you subscribe to and see what people are talking about. You can keep your internet browser up to date without having to bookmark thousands or remember the blog you want to read. The same applies to your visitors. They want to quickly and easily remind you that you are and that you are posting what they want to know.
Regular websites don’t do this for you unless you publish a monthly magazine that contains all your business updates. By having a blog, you can virtually eliminate the monthly ezine and let the blog do the work!

4. Search engine loves it and is a content manager

Creating content on your blog is actually so easy that I actually created an information product based on the content I wrote on my blog over the past year. Information products are simplified because you don’t have to create fresh new content every time. What you post on your blog can be an article that can be an ebook. Blogs give you the habit of writing and creating, so you can easily and easily create information products.
Your visitors will love this too. Because if they appear on your site and ask for help in the profession they choose, they can find an entire archive of good content. Most of my blog clients can archive old newsletters and ezines to blogs to read past issues without having to download PDF files or visit 13 or 14 different web pages. will do so. Search engines like blogs for several reasons. First, they always love to post fresh and new content. There are benefits to updating only once a week. Every time you post something on your blog, the search engine will automatically detect it and, if you have free and easy-to-use ping software installed, will automatically ping the various services you want to ping.
Second, search engines such as hyperlinks and trackbacks. Hyperlinks are links to other people’s websites, blog posts, audio files, and more. Trackbacks are special links from other people’s blog posts that let others know what you wrote about that person. We also place your entry on your website so that others can read it. This is a way for blogs to become very viral.
5.5. It will be an active source of network for your business

For me, I met some new people through my blog. Some of these people were regular readers who became clients, some became friends, and some asked me to work with them on special projects. Having a blog not only makes it a place people visit to learn what you write, but also allows them to meet you, get to know you, and one day work with you. You can build a community and allow others to come together through you so that people can talk about you and give you your name.
Speaking of a standard network, you might think of someone who attends an event for about an hour, runs through the crowd to get a business card, and then leaves the event to have no real connection. We are all confident that we have experienced it. By writing a blog, your stakeholders can find a place to learn about you. They can begin to understand how good it is for both you and you to know each other, and eventually they will be willing to get closer to you. This is a much more efficient way to build a network and you don’t have to worry about your business cards being thrown away.

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