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At Shuri Ryu Karate, the karate family traditionally receives animal spirits after reaching the black belt. This spirit animal is based on the characteristics that the karate family shows before and after promotion. Many different animals are used, but this article is limited to the original five Shaolin Temples. These animals include snakes, tigers, cranes, leopards and dragons.
Identifying karate practitioners is not just a trivial matter. The use of animal traits is an additional tool for identifying the strengths and weaknesses of yourself and others. Always assessing the potential threats to yourself and around us is an important skill in becoming a complete and effective martial artist.
Master Robert Trias, the founder of Shuri Ryu Karate, identifies certain characteristics and abilities associated with these animals. Visit:- Dragon City Guide
Snakes are breathing and are characterized by snakes waiting for prey. A very short and fast style inspired by the bifurcated tongue of a snake that hits the opponent’s eyes and throat. Tigers have leg strength that is characterized by the strength and speed of tearing movements. A powerful style with short and powerful lungs and lungs. Cranes are mentally and muscular, and are characterized by elegant birds that stand calmly and patiently on one leg and wait for takeoff or blow. A smooth and flowing style that imitates the feathers of a bird. Leopards have inner and outer strength and are characterized by their ability to penetrate into and around small openings with their strong claws. A very explosive style inspired by flat leopard legs. Dragons are powerful and feature powerful, flexible snakes that float in the ocean. A strong floating feeling and a feeling of penetration. 1
The explanations in these treatises are interesting, but identifying the species of animals that the karate practitioners most closely resemble is rarely a sufficient idea in itself. This is where the Chinese theory of the five elements comes in handy. Each of these five animals is associated with the five elements that the Chinese use to define the physical and spiritual world. Therefore, this article is limited to these animals as it is the easiest to identify.
Chinese physicians have long used the theory of five elements to characterize people using one or more of these elements to assist in diagnosis and treatment. More accurately identify karate spirit animals by using the most elaborate features of the five elements of the TCM to identify the animals associated with the most prominent elements displayed by body shape and personal characteristics. can.
Below are some physical properties related to the five elements that individuals use to identify the elements they tend to have.

Wood: Dark or brown. A long, strong body that tends to get fat can be very muscular. Tue-red complexion. The head is usually small and pointed, but the chin may be pointed. Hair is usually curly and tends to bald in men. Hands and feet tend to be small and graceful. Walk fast. Metal: Smooth and light skin Light skin. Angled and well-defined function. Wide chest and shoulders. Abundant hair You tend to walk slowly. Water-High forehead and rich in hair on the head. A long and strong bone structure in which the spine is proportionally longer than usual. Flow movement. Flexible, motivated and ambitious. You may also tend to be too lazy and “pulled in” too much. Earth: A brownish or gray complexion with a large head. It is in the shape of a pear and tends to put weight on the waist. Muscle or fat with thick legs. He does not raise his legs when walking.

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