Cool iPhone Apps That Replace Other Everyday Items

Since their beginning the cell phones were frequently utilized to replace wristwatches. The glowing screens of mobile phones can also be employed as flashlights. With the advancements in technology for more advanced phones, it’s possible to use useful iPhone apps to replace other devices. Let’s look at these awesome iPhone applications.

This article is still in its infancy stage. I’m not sure whether my perspective is looking forward to the future of iPhone applications or nostalgic over the gradual disappearance of the practical gadgets. This piece is me mentally thinking about the specifics, and sharing them with you to assist in making decisions. Visit:-

Cell phones can also be used as flashlights, similar to the one I said earlier. There is now an iPhone application which makes the flashlight more powerful and more specific. iTorch is a fantastic iPhone application, is just one of the flashlight apps that you can utilize. The iTorch emits a bright light that can help you find your way in the dark and also has a strobe feature to draw the attention of people in a crowd.

It isn’t necessary to carry an additional flashlight in your pocket, purse, or keychain when you have more powerful flash lighting through the iTorch application. Will flashlights disappear in the pre-smartphone age?

Cell phones can also function as watches, which can replace wristwatches. This is nearly eliminated, without the necessity for cool iPhone apps or smart phones. I will not be highlighting any iPhone applications that transform the time into something truly extraordinary. In this article, I’d prefer to present a brand new iPhone technology currently being developed. The iPod nano could be turned into an electronic wristwatch, and in the near future, you’ll be able to have an iPhone that you can wear on your wrist. It will not just display amazing iPhone applications with incredible capabilities for time-telling, but can also function as a smart phone, along with all the other awesome iPhone applications. This is an excellent idea. It’s almost as if wristwatches are moving in a all the way around. The first watches that were cheap were nearly eliminated by cell phones but now, smart phones are returning to wrists.

My flashlight will be lost and the thought of iTorch or any of the other top iPhone apps gradually removing flashlights is a nostalgic choice for me. I’ve never owned a high-end wristwatch that I enjoyed and I’m not worried about the new cool iPhone apps that make watches obsolete. Actually I’m looking forward since I’m wishing for an actual wristwatch iPhone. The time is fifty-fifty and the final gadget I’ll talk about is certainly a cut above other models and is far from the past.

Cameras are the next major technology smartphones like the iPhone are making progress on. iCamera is an awesome application. While smartphones are getting better at taking photos but what if amazing digital cameras attempted to counter this by turning into smartphones? This is the battle of technology which is coming and I’m looking forward to it.

Imagine the iPhone is placed around your wrist to act as an wristwatch. It is possible to glance over your shoulder to an excellent camera made by an established brand. It comes with a fantastic lens and is intelligent enough to seamlessly integrate together with your iWristwatch. I can see the future of gadgets that are old-fashioned becoming a part of iGadgetry by cool iPhone applications.

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