Blogging Tutorial

I. Topic summary

How to write a blog is a problem that many people have been keeping in mind these days. The blog has swept the world. Since 2004, when it first appeared, this popular way of having your own corner of the world to express yourself has become a real flood. Currently, more than 120 million blogs are being searched by the Technorati blog search engine. So it’s no wonder that blog ownership and maintenance has become an almost fashionable statement, especially in the United States.

When you first embark on a blogging journey, there are some difficult questions that usually bother you about how to write a blog. Let’s start with the basics.
What kind of topics can I blog about?
Almost everything. Simply put, a blog is an online personal journal of everything you want to write, from politics to sports and fitness, religion, health, freelance work, literature, to whatever suits your tastes. .. But by choosing a topic that you have a good experience with, you can write meaningful content that will attract the audience on your blog. Without an audience, you’ll soon get bored of your blog and join the millions of abandoned blogs lost in cyberspace.
How do you rank your blog with a blog search engine?
Blog search engines such as Technorati and Ice Rocket are sorted by topic. However, the most common classifications are personal and personal. Business-oriented blog. You probably fall into the first of these categories.

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Is the blog just text, or is it something else?
Although basically composed of text, many bloggers make web pages more attractive by adding image, audio, and video files.
How can you easily navigate your blog and make it appealing to your readers? Successful blogs usually follow a simple and clear format with well-defined articles, files (in the sidebar) and a bottom location where visitors can comment. Some also include the role of blogging. This is just a list with links to other similar blogs. The best bloggers are usually those who can connect the emotions of the visitor through artistic expression. To learn how to blog with winners, your teacher is the number one other blog-read and study many of them before you start your blog. is a great place to research blogs on your topic. What are the blog tips?
-First, remember that your blog reflects your personality. Choose a topic or topic that is close to your heart, or a topic that you know something about. Correction, one of the things you are familiar with.
-Keep consistent. If you want your blog to become more popular, you need to connect with your visitors on a regular basis. Plan to post at least twice a week. If it seems like you have too much work to do, bloggers say one of the weeks is the worst week you can do.
-Connection / Network. Connect with other bloggers by commenting on posts from other bloggers and providing links to blogs on your site. These types of networks work tremendously for traffic.
――Do not make it complicated. Don’t confuse your blog with meaningless details. Choose a simple, clean and stylish design. Use fonts and colors to make the text easier to read. Add video, audio, photo, and music files only if your blog becomes more attractive and / or useful.
-Don’t stick your neck out. At least not too far. Blogs can be stubborn. This is good, but there is no risk of serious defamation proceedings. Express your opinion as long as you make it clear that your opinion is yours and always make sure that your blog does not insult anyone, disclose confidential information, or disclose corporate secrets. It’s good to do.
Well, I feel how to write a blog. Where are you going from here?
To get started, you must first select the appropriate weblog software. You need to create and manage a blog. There are various blogging software. Some offer convenient design and development, while others offer a wider range of features, such as adding discussion forums and bulletin boards. Some weblogs can be downloaded and installed directly on your system. There are free open source software, but these programs are not as feature-rich as some proprietary paid software. Here’s an overview of the most popular blogging software:

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