Best Places for Property Investment in Canada

Canadian real estate sector is enjoying a flourishing period for some time even as the housing market of the major economies like USA and Europe suffered a number of devastating blows in recent years. Experts have nothing but good news for real estate investors who are planning to investing in real estate this year and beyond. Due to the vastness of Canada’s geographic area, there is a greater chance that Canadian housing market is spread over a greater area which is why there are numerous large and small areas of property in the country. Visit:-

Because of this diversity there are some differences of the housing markets in the provinces and, even though certain areas have a good income, other areas are lacking behind a little. But the overall performance of the real estate market in Canada remains steady despite the diversity and Canadian housing markets continue to grow and expand each year. If you’re a beginner or just seeking to make new investments with success, it is important to stay away from areas that are not performing well and instead choose areas that bring you high returns. Here are some high performing zones and geographical sectors where you can invest in 2013 to help make your real estate investment a successful endeavor.

Barrie, Ontario: The City of Barrie is located in Southern Ontario in the western shore of Lake Simcoe. It is located in the northern region of the Greater Golden Horseshoe, Barrie is a densely populated and is the most industrialized region of Ontario. The city is close to Toronto and is also considered as among the fastest growing cities of Canada. Other influential aspects of the city are the expanding economy, an expanding industry and agriculture sectors as well as improved transportation and employment opportunities. All of these elements are in sync making the city a booming area for real estate transactions. The demographics indicate a significant increase in the city’s population within recent years. Additionally, growing prices and sales for real estate property make it a great investment for property.

Surry, British Columbia: Surrey lies inside the provincial of British Columbia and is the second largest city in terms of population, just behind Vancouver. Surrey is considered to be an emerging metropolis due to its international character and its cultural diversity. The city is a major economy with improved transport healthcare, education as well as recreational facilities. It is estimated that Surry is home to more than 1,000 new residents per month because of which there is a major need for real estate properties among buyers.

Maple Ridge and Pitt Meadows, British Columbia: Lying very close to Surry, Pitt Meadows and Maple Ridge are two individual cities within British Columbia. Pitt meadows form an area of floodplain that lies between the Maple Ridge in the east and Pitt River in the west. As of 2011 demographic records, Pitt Meadows has a population of approximately 17,700 while Maple Ridge has a population of 73,969. Both regions are experiencing significant urban and infrastructure changes that have led to the rapid property market to a new height. In addition, large numbers of people have moved to these cities , which is the reason why the real estate sector has seen several major changes recently.

Red Deer, Alberta: Red Deer is located in Central Albert and is surrounded by the Red Deer County. Red Deer is a major center for the production of petrochemicals and it is also known for oil production, cattle farming and agricultural. It is the major hub for commercial and retail activity across the majority of Central Alberta. With features like an improved means of transportation, lower operating costs, stable economics and low combined tax etc. Red Deer acts as an attractive zone for many. In turn, the prices of property in the region have inclined dramatically over the last couple of years and are at present considered to be one of the promising areas for real estate investment in Canada.

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